Tokyo eats: Sushi Yoshitake

When one is pregnant, there are many things to avoid.  Cheese, raw oysters and raw fish.  These are some of my favourites.  I love my cheeses especially Epoisse and Blue Cheese but I could also live without them.  Actually, it was pretty strange that when I was about 5 weeks pregnant, I was craving for some strong cheeses.  Even though my gynae told me to avoid them, the Man went out to get us some to satisfy my craving.  Little did we realise that it’s best to avoid some cheeses, especially the mould-ripened cheese for they may contain bacteria which may be harmful for the fetus.  Guess who panicked and went ballistic after reading about this?

Sashimi… that is another story.  It kinda broke my heart to avoid raw fish for the whole nine months and since the gynae didn’t strictly say NO to raw fish.  We caved in and ended up joining our friends for dinner at Sushi Yoshitake.  Well, if there is anywhere else in the world that one should have sushi / sashimi, it had better be in Tokyo right?

IMG_2452The meal was great but they were a couple of dishes that I didn’t particularly enjoy.  Perhaps my taste buds had changed but I was still really happy to have good sushi / sashimi during the meal.  But if I had to choose between this and Sawada, the latter would be my choice for sushi in Tokyo.

Sushi Yoshitake
Address: 3F Suzuryu Building, 8-7-19, Ginza Chuou-Ku, Tokyo, 104-0061
Telephone: +31 03 6253 7331

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