It still fits…

2nd trimester… arh, so what does it officially mean for me?  Energy levels are slowly back up.  I’m back to regular sleeping times.  No longer past midnight but at least past 10pm.  I sleep pretty soundly too except for the 2-3 times a night that I have to get up to pee.  Friends told me the number will significantly increase when I hit 3rd trimester.  Not looking forward to that.  I’m still eating pretty normally, appetite at night is still not all that great but at least, I’m eating in the day, so that means that Bun is getting the nutrients.

Speaking of weight-gain, I’m determined not to go overboard with buying too much maternity wear nor normal clothes in case I don’t lose the weight from the pregnancy.  It’s really tricky the weight gain and the weight lost.  Friends have told me, breastfeeding does wonders in melting the pregnancy weight-gain but hey, doesn’t it differ from individual to individual?  I’m not taking any chances here.

For the festive season, I managed to purchase some new clothes that could fit me (hopefully) pre and post pregnancy.  They come a little loose as well, so that will fit bump comfortably.  Other than that, I’m now going through my current wardrobe with a fresh pair of eyes, making sure I pick out pieces that could see me through the day comfortably.  So pleased that this dress that I purchased last year for the Lunar New Year could still fit!  In fact, it also disguises the bump pretty well.  I just looked liked I added a couple of pounds but if you look carefully, you could see bump!  Hehe..


We’re about 19.5 weeks and I can’t wait for the next scan to see Bun!


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