Tips to cope with an expanding belly

I wondered how long it will take before I would need to bring out the maternity wear.  At almost 19 weeks, bump is slightly to show a little.  Actually, it just looks like I had a really heavy meal and put on weight around the waist area.  Other than that, I do manage to get by with my current staple of clothes.  Thankfully, most of the stuff I have are rather loose-fit so it does accommodate the bump for now.

As for pants, they are obviously feeling a little tighter.  So to get by, I rely on the Bellaband by Ingrid and Isabel which I believe you can purchase on some of the online stores here in Singapore and my recent discovery (thanks to S) of the Belly Belt which you can purchase from Mothercare.

bellybeltThe Belly Belt is a life-saver these days for it’s clever little stretchy belts buttons on to my existing bottoms.  The kit helps cut down on the cost of maternity wear (for now) and I do feel a lot better knowing that I can still fit into my current denim shorts and work pants (again, for now).

The kit comes with  2 Button Up BellyBelts® in different sizes (3 settings), 2 Slide BellyBelts® in different sizes (2 settings) and 3 fabric panels in useful colours to co-ordinate with key basics.  Retailing for S$29.90, this device is really a must-have for moms-to-be if you do not wish to invest in maternity wear that quickly.


2 thoughts on “Tips to cope with an expanding belly

  1. Corsage @ A Dollop Of Me says:

    Oh babe, how much I’ve missed! Congrats on the pregnancy! So thrilled for you. Yes, I found bottoms harder to find when I was pregnant. I bought 3-4 easy to match bottoms and wore dresses for the rest of the time! Enjoy the pregnancy – esp the 2nd tri! 🙂

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