Does he know?

When we first found out we were pregnant, the first person we collectively broke our news to weren’t our parents.  Sorry, Mom and Dad!  We were excited, anxious but more than anything also a little fearful inside, not knowing what to expect in the early stages of pregnancy.

So the first being we broke the news to?  Sparky, of course!  As he snuggled up in between the both of us, we whispered softly into his ears, ‘We’re having a baby!!‘  He probably thought we were crazy but we were thrilled to share the news with him.

IMG_2635 One of the things that I thought about is whether he knows or could sense that I’m pregnant.  And you know what?  I think he does.  Of late, I noticed that he has been really sweet towards me, preferring to keep close by my side instead of running off to do his own thing.  For instance, the first thing he does upon waking up in the morning is to run downstairs but these days, he would keep me company or wait outside the toilet while I take my shower.  Aww…

IMG_2520Also instead of his twice-a-day walks, we’ve now given him an extra shift of walking because walking is good for pregnant ladies and it’s the only time I can exercise.  Walking is also more fun when we drag Sparky along so even though he doesn’t enjoy the walking bit, he reluctantly will come along.  ;p  Yup, he’s that lazy!  The above pic proved so!

We now wonder how Sparky will react when we bring Bun home.  Many friends have told us that he would be jealous but we think he wouldn’t be since his temperament is generally calm.  Let’s wait and see then…


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