Of old and new..

Truth be told, I don’t have many friends.  As I grow older, I can count the number of close friends that have stood by me through the years.  Friendships are just like any other relationships.  They take work and time to maintain.  Sometimes people grow closer to one another, sometimes they don’t.  I used to beat myself up real hard when certain friendships don’t work out.  But if I take a step back, I realised that I shouldn’t be too hard on myself.  Maybe things are just different now.  We’ve gone on different paths.  Perhaps our paths may cross again, maybe they don’t.  But at least, it was once there.  And then I don’t feel so bad.

IMG_2575Recently met up with one of my oldest friends after almost 1.5 years of hiatus.  She’s a full-time mom and a really hands-on one so most of her days are filled with caring for her kids.  I admire her for being able to do so for I’m not sure if I can ever do what she does.  Our catch-ups are usually restricted to the weekends but it’s been hard when her third one came along.  Getting back into the grove of caring for a baby.  So while we didn’t meet up physically, we kept in touch electronically.  Only managed to catch up with her a couple of weekends ago to exchange our super belated birthday and Christmas presents.

As I unwrapped the paper, I was really touched by what she had specially picked out for me.  The gifts were spot on.  Perfect for the home and for entertaining.  Loved those coconut husk bowls and serving ware with ceramic spoons as well as the Kinfolk Table book which been on my ‘To-Get’ list for the longest time.  Thank you dear G!  You definitely know me too well!  🙂  While we don’t meet up regularly, I do enjoy the occasional text messages and look forward to future play-dates with our lil’ ones.

Processed with VSCOcam with c1 presetOf new friends, it’s actually pretty hard to make them but I’m thankful that through blogging, I’ve actually met some really nice people online.  One who I’ve had the pleasure of meeting recently is E from Missus C’s Reverie.  New mom to baby E, I must have followed E’s journey before she became a mom.  I enjoyed her candid posts but particularly loved the ones she does on food!  Her styling on some of the food items are literally drool-worthy!  🙂

IMG_2713I had the pleasure of finally meeting her just last week along with her lil’ gal, E who had just woken up from her nap, so she was feeling really cheery.  The afternoon tea meeting over at Patisserie G was filled with girlie chat but also peppered with some good insights that she shared on motherhood.

The lovely lass was also very kind and sweet to help purchase these bowls that I spied on her Instagram feed and to specially lug them back all the way from Penang.  Felt really bad for making her do so since she had been traveling on her own and with a little tod, I reckoned that it might have been challenging to bring back these plates and bowls.  But she did anyway.  Thanks E for this and the jars!!   Really thoughtful of you!  Enjoyed our little afternoon tea session and looking forward to the next one.  🙂


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