For the first time…

Being first-time parents, we obviously have no clue what to expect when the lil’ Bub comes.  Sure, we can read all about it, prepare to the best of our ability what we can.  But we are also fully aware that  when the bub comes, all these grand plans that we may have laid out may just go topsy-turvy.  It’s then time to kick in Plan B if Plan B even exists.

While it is not a competition, we are first-time parents at a rather late stage in our lives.  Again, pros and cons.  I’m not going to get into that.  But when our friends learned that we are pregnant, they have been really helpful in sharing their advice on parenting which has been pretty useful.

One of the things that we thought about during the course of the pregnancy is whether we should attend Childbirth Education classes.  Again, the Man was really excited about attending these classes and went online to search for which classes we should attend.  But after friends dispensed the advice (ie: you’ll forget what you learn, it’s all theory and not exactly practical, etc), he’s now having second thoughts about whether these classes would even be useful.   During our research process, we did come across this class conducted by Wong Boh Bui at Thomson Medical that came highly recommended by several.  Not sure whether we will eventually attend but a friend passed me some of her books so we will be going through those.

Other than that, we haven’t started on the heavy-duty buying.  Mostly just me buying cute and frivolous stuff for Bub  when I see them.  I actually feel pretty overwhelmed not knowing what to buy.  We probably start off with a cot but the stroller and other stuff may come later.

Mom-to-be Z was kind enough to share this link from Kidspot with me for a start, so we probably use this as a base and check it off when we get to the actual buying.  We are hoping not to go too crazy with the buying and wait for Bub to arrive first before determining what is actually needed.  So if there are any useful tips, appreciate if you could share them with me! 🙂

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