Could this be true?

IMG_2584According to my daily newsletter sent by ‘What to Expect’, I can kiss my morning sickness good-bye!  The vomiting has some what stopped by about week 14 onwards but I still feel queasy in the evenings.  Energy levels in the late afternoon haven’t been that great as well but I guess it’s good enough for me.  At least I can work through the day so I’m really thankful for that.


As for cravings?  I crave for fizzy drinks, french fries, burgers, chocolate, ice-cream and cold stuff.  Strange!  I’d realised that of late I rather forgo my main meal but would rather have dessert instead.  ;p  Sign that the Bub love sweets?  Hmm..

I’m also starting to show a little as well.  So far, most of my work clothes (with my busy prints) have suited me fine.  One will need to look hard enough to guess that I’m pregnant but otherwise, people would just think that I’ve put on a little weight on the tummy area.  Here are some bump shots:


Slight typo here.. that’s me 15 weeks going on 16 weeks so thought it would be easy just to round up.  Hehe..

IMG_2565And here’s a recent pic of the bump almost hitting 17 weeks.  Again, the busy prints on my dress make it hard for people to stare hard at the tummy area.  So I guess that’s a good thing! 🙂

I haven’t formally started on maternity wear yet but I did purchase some maternity jeans for the recent trip to Japan.  Figured those stretchy jeans would be a whole lot more comfortable than my regular ones.  When we were in the US just a few months back, I purchased the Belly Band which was on sale at the Gap.  I could no longer button my work pants so am relying on the Belly Band for now.  Will probably be breaking into maternity wear soon, so watch this space as I figure out my maternity style (if any) for the next couple of months.  Yikes!


2 thoughts on “Could this be true?

  1. pinkmanolos says:

    Congrats! I have been a follower of your blog (silently!) and love following you on your travels and shopping experiments! Very happy to hear that you are expecting a baby soon, what a great gift for the new year!

    • Lady J says:

      Thanks pinkmanolos for your sweet message and for sticking around to listen to my ramblings. Yes, we couldn’t be more thrilled to be welcoming a little one into our lives. 🙂

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