Pregno Journo: It happened to me…

Let’s talk about the not so sexay stuff that accompanies the pregnancy that has me literally eating my words.  The stuff that friends talk about – the constant tiredness, the morning sickness, the cravings, etc – I thought it may not happen to me but wham, bam, thank you very much, it happened to yours truly.  I thought I would ride it out but turned out, it wasn’t as easy as I thought to overcome.

Let’s talk about the constant tiredness!  During the first trimester, especially from weeks 8 to 10, I was so tired after work.  All I wanted to do after dinner was to just lie down.  The Man was surprised to find me tucked under the sheets at 9.30pm for I’m usually asleep at about 11pm onwards.  And I would sleep like a log although I did get up several times in the evening to visit the loo but I almost had no problems falling back to sleep.  I guess its true, the baby is growing so the body needs as much rest as possible during this period.


Next, the cravings!  Again, I thought it was a myth.  But I was constantly craving for carbs and somewhat sour stuff.   The funny thing about my cravings were junk food and carbs.  Fries, Nachos, Chips seem to have a soothing effect.  When I was in the US during the early stages of pregnancy, all I could really stomach was nacho chips and guacamole.  Then when we came back to Singapore, mashed potatoes, fries and fried chicken satisfied my craving and again helped filled me up relatively fast compared to the rest of the meal.  I was kinda crest-fallen for I felt bad stuffing my face with carbs but somehow it had a calming effect on my and didn’t make me feel like purging thereafter.   So I guess it can’t be that bad.

I also developed ‘spider senses’ of smell.  I could detect smells from far-away and could even describe those smells.  The Man was somewhat impressed with my heightened sense of super-smell which he also found amusing.  I no longer could wear my favourite Jo Malone perfume nor even light those scented candles in the room.  I will turn my nose away to certain shower gels and creams too for the scent was simply too strong and I often have an adverse reaction wanting to puke after inhaling the strong scents.

And let’s not forget about morning sickness as it’s commonly known and related to nausea and vomiting.  I guess I should be thankful that I got the full-blown effects of it at weeks 8/9 when we came to Singers after our holiday in the US.  I felt sick from about 5pm onwards and couldn’t wait to get home to hurl.  😦  Thankfully, I didn’t hurl out all of my food after dinner for the vomiting usually happen before dinner.  Extreme tiredness would also blanket me and all I really wanted to do was to lie in bed.  The Man said I often had this ‘glazed’ look from about 4pm to 6/7pm.  Well, I couldn’t really help it.  Some of my friends said that it’s just a phase and one will usually get better after the first trimester.   One can only hope that the nausea will go away in the coming weeks.

Guess that sums up most of what happened in the 14 weeks of our pregnancy.  On to 2nd trimester.. 🙂

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