Midnight food-findings

A friend told us about this Yong Tau Fu stall at Bukit Merah View Food Centre that only opened from 12am – 3am.  As he described the place and how absolutely wonderful the yong tau fu there is, I almost couldn’t believe that such a place in Singapore existed.  But then again, Singaporeans are really crazy / passionate about our food so this shouldn’t come as a surprise.

So after said friend talked passionately about the place, I couldn’t get it out of my mind.  Pregnancy or curiosity?  I don’t know which one to blame but I really wanted to go and see for myself THE place plus try out the super awesome yong tau fu that friend said is better than the one at Lucky Plaza.

Bedtime for me is usually fixed at about 10pm-ish.  We were at a friend’s place yesterday for dinner.  The gang was drinking while I sat around and drank water.  As we approached 11pm, I suddenly got up and asked friends if they wanted to check out this yong tau fu place since it was going to be midnight and I doubt I would have the energy to stay past midnight when third trimester hits.  The Man thought I was crazy but marveled at the level of my persistence and willingness to sacrifice my sleep for food.  The rest of the friends decided to join in the fun.

So said friend eventually joined us for drinks and because he frequented the stall so often, he devised a strategy for us to implement when we arrived.  We decided that perhaps at 12.30am, the first wave of ‘madness’ (ie: crowds) would have kinda passed and it would be just nice for us to pick our food, queue, have the food and go home to bed.

Well, we were wrong!


We arrived at 12.30am and a snaking queue of people greeted us.  Said friend mentioned previously that Soon Li Yong Tau Fu stall only opens at 12am and throngs of people would rush for the bowls/tongs and grab for the food.  Basically, there wasn’t a proper system and it was pure madness during opening hour.  I guess we missed that but there was some chaos around the entire system.  So in the end, I did the kiasu Singaporean thing to join the queue, while the friends picked the food.

IMG_2570Ingredients at the stall are somewhat different from what the normal yong tau fu stalls offer.

IMG_2571As you can see, most of the bowls are filled to the brim with ingredients.  Those are our bowls and there were 6 of us in all.  Too much food but the guys merrily picked out almost everything they could see and added them into the bowls.

IMG_2572We told the stall owner that 2 of the bowls were to be combined and looked what we ended up with!  A kick-a$$ huge bowl of yong tau fu – the largest that I’ve ever eaten!  This reminded me of reunion dinner instead of mere hawker food.

IMG_2573That’s not all, we also had noodles to accompany the huge bowl of yong tau fu with.  Yikes!  We all screamed food coma when the food was all put in front of us.  I just found the entire experience funny as I picked on the pieces that I wanted to eat.  Obviously, we didn’t manage to finish everything but we did pretty well.  Friends eyeballed me for it was my crazy idea in the first place! ;p

Verdict?  Broth was really good! The soup was made with ikan billis stock and the owner added fried ikan billis and green chilli padi into the soup before serving it up.  All ingredients were cooked well and meticulously cut by the owner himself which makes it rather impressive judging by the long queues.  I loved the sweet sauce and the chilli sauce.  Felt like it was home-made and it was thick and extremely flavourful.  The noodles were cooked nicely too and the guys loved the pork lard pieces that were thrown in the mix.  Overall, an interesting supper experience.

Like I said, the place is only opened from 12am to 3am, so come either early to fight with the crowds or at about 2am when the initial wave of crowds have somewhat disappeared.  We paid $45 for all the food shown here so that works out to be about S$7.50 per person.  The place is closed on Mondays so take note.  🙂

That’s all for my midnight food cravings.  I’d probably still stick to my favourite yong tau fu stall at Lucky Plaza.  I don’t think I will be able to go through this experience again if not for the Man and my crazy friends who are willing to put up with my madness.  Hehe…


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