Our plus ‘one’

We have a little announcement to make here!  🙂

photoWe are expecting our little one come June this year and simply can’t wait to hold our bub in our arms!  🙂  I’m sure Sparky can’t wait to be a big bro to the kiddo too!!

Loads to look forward to as our family of 3 become 4 this year!  Whee!!!  🙂


27 thoughts on “Our plus ‘one’

  1. bookjunkie says:

    I am so happy for you dear….you’ll make such a wonderful mum….you’re so maternal already 🙂 What a surprise to see this when I was checking up on your blog after an internet break for some time. hugs 🙂

  2. Grace says:

    Hello Joanne! Have always been a silent supporter of your blog but I decided to break the silence today after reading this entry; congratulations babe! I’m sure you will be one the best and wonderful mum! 🙂

    • Lady J says:

      HI Grace.. thanks for breaking the silence 🙂 Nice to meet you here and thanks for following me on my little journey peppered with ramblings.

      Thanks again for your note and I really do hope to be a good mum to the lil one 🙂

  3. jieyingz85 says:

    I’m soooooo late to see this But soooooo Happy for you!!!!! Congrats!!!!!!!!!!! And Yes, It’s possible to survive without maternity wear. Only exception is shorts. That one I gave in to buy But the good thing is can reuse post delivery! 20more weeks or less for you to go!

  4. natasha.k says:

    Just managed to catch up with your recent entries and big congrats to you! Enjoyed reading about your journey so far and glad that morning sickness has ended! I’m still amazed at the yong tau foo post…so tempted to go give it a try! Hah!

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