Tokyo eats: Calbee Plus

IMG_2323Being a food junkie, this was one of the stops I knew I had to make after seeing an Instagram post by a friend who happened to be in Tokyo about the same time.  Calbee Plus is located in Tokyo Station plus Harajaku.  Since we were around the hood, we decided to head there to get me some junk food (despite a full breakie).  ;p

IMG_2324IMG_2326Apparently on weekends, snaking queues can be spotted along the street at Calbee Plus.  We were there on a Monday say about 11-ish to 12pm.  There was a queue but thankfully, it did move pretty fast.  Apparently 20 minutes or so, we saw ourselves at the front of the queue wondering what we should fill our tummies with (again).

IMG_2328 IMG_2329

So what exactly Calbee Plus whip up?  Freshest hand-cut potato crisps straight from the fryer, complete with toppings of cheese/sour cream and chocolates.  They also serve up hot snacks such as Poteriko (a deep-fried version of Calbee’s popular Jagariko potato stick snacks), Calbee Potato Croquette, Crispy Vegetable Croquette and Sweet Potato and Mochi (with Soybean Flour) only available at the Harajuku outlet.  Sounds sinfully decadent huh?

Processed with VSCOcamWe went with an order of Poteriko with salad dressing seasoning and a medium-sized wavy cut potato crisps with good ol’ salt and butter seasoning.  The Poteriko was best enjoyed hot, kinda like soft french fries with a tinge of salty seasoning washed wonderfully down with cold Pepsi.

This made for a fun and interesting touristy visit so if you are at Harajuku, do drop by to take a look.  🙂

Calbee Plus (Harajuku Takeshita Street Store)
Address: Tokyo, Shibuya-ku Jingumae 1-16-8 (Along Takeshita St.)
Store Hours: 9:30-20:30, 7 Days a week

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