Tokyo eats: Henri Charpentier

 It would appear that most of what we have been in Tokyo is related to food.  And that my friends is true because we were going to head to Hakuba to do a spot of snow-boarding over the New Year’s and didn’t want to deal with too much luggage before heading back to Tokyo.  Plus the year-end sales will start on 2 Jan so the timing is perfect when we return for the shopping (mostly the Man’s and not mine).

IMG_2308After spending our last thousand dollar yen bill, we were dumbfounded that we couldn’t withdraw cash from the ATM till the next day.  Thank God for credit cards then! We wanted to rest our feet a little so I suggested a tea-break over at Henri Charpentier in Ginza.

I’ve thought that with a name like Henri Charpentier, the brand hailed from France.  I was wrong.  Henri Charpentier started out in 1969 as a small café that served delicious desserts in Ashiya City, Hyogo Prefecture, Japan.  The place is famed for its “Les Financiers” which I had purchased previously during our layover from US.  This time, I wanted to try out the rest of their sweets at the shop instead.

IMG_2307No guesses what I picked for tea.  This gorgeous lemon tart with a shiny glaze on the tart.  It was tangy, zesty and the pastry had a nice crunch along with the lemon curd filling that did not collapsed as my fork clumsily cut the tart into pieces.  It was seriously good and I contemplated giving a small piece of the tart to the Man for him to taste how good it truly was.

IMG_2302When we were handed the menu, the Man was clearly fixated with the order of Crêpe Suzette while I wanted him to order this seasonal bread-stick stack but to no avail.  Arh well.

Henri Charpentier
Address: 2-8-20 Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo
Tel: 03 3562 2721 



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