Curry ‘png’ (rice) drenched in goodness!

IMG_2179For one of the best curry mixed rice in Singapore, this has gotta be it!!!  Hai Lam Curry Rice (河滨园) takes the cake!

Just look at that, rice drenched with loads of thick curry gravy that’s actually extremely tasty.  Every time I go there, it’s hard to fight the carbs craving and resist polishing off the rice from my plate.  The rice is best enjoyed with small little dishes as well.  The deep-fried crispy pork is a must-order, so is the chilli sotong, mixed chap chye (vegetables) and fried eggs with dark soya sauce.  I often go there with just the Man so that’s about the amount of food we order.  If you do go in a group, perhaps there will be room to order more.

Go early to avoid lunch crowds or snaking long queues, but even if you do hit the lunch crowds, do stay and queue.  It’s really worth it!

Hai Lam Curry Rice
Address: Block 40, Beo Crescent, #01-10, Singapore 160040
Closed on Wednesdays

PS: Boo Boo… ‘Peng’ is for ice and ‘Png’ should be used for rice… DUH!  Thanks Miss Ene for the suggestion.. 🙂


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