Festive blooms

Christmas is literally just round the corner and because it’s a mid-week holiday, festivities have been somewhat muted for us.  Probably because I haven’t been feeling as well so am really pleased that we do not have many parties to attend this year.  Most of the partying will be done the weekend we zip off to Toks to celebrate the new year.

IMG_2171So to get our Christmas groove on, I hopped on down to the market to pick up a couple of blooms for my fave florist!  Apart from picking up the flowers for the week, the lovely lady also gifted me with a gorgeous pot of white Phalaenopsis Orchids.

IMG_2176Making a deliberate attempt to incorporate the use of orchids in my floral arrangements these days.  I still find it hard to pick and mix the different floral combi together so this is my feeble attempt in playing with a stalk of white and purple orchids with some fillers for a simple arrangement on the coffee table.  Adding in the festive cheer with my Reindeer silver candle that only makes its appearance annually.

IMG_2178Plus some mini purple bouquets with white carnations for our bedroom.  Loved my little model posing together with the flowers with not a care in the world.  🙂

#itsbeginningtolooklikeChristmas here .


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