Family vacay

Took a weekend trip with the family last weekend to Phuket.  It was the first in many years that the entire gang together with our respective halves and kiddos went on a holiday.  As you can imagine, coordinating this wasn’t an easy feat.  Work schedules must be matched and looking for a place to house all 9 of us can be quite a challenge.  Debated if we wanted to book separate hotel rooms or just get a villa with sufficient rooms.  Went with the latter option, after all, we were meant to bond during the trip.

IMG_2119Since the trip coincided with my Dad’s birthday, we chose to go the weekend just before the holiday.  Phuket was selected because it was relatively near (1.5 hours flight away from Singers),  Thai cuisine easily suited the family and the men could go golfing while us ladies relaxed with the kiddos in the villa.

We stayed at Two Villas, Oxygen Style located at Bangtao Beach.  Don’t expect hotel type service for upon arrival, we were reminded by the staff there that the entire set-up is to replicate that of a holiday home.  The villa was pretty clean and looked relatively new.  The kids were happy with the pool and what’s seriously lacking are nice, comfy deck chairs for the adults to soak in the sun.  The ones that they provided simply did not do the job and wasn’t even comfortable for the seating.

IMG_2122All in all, a relatively fuss-free holiday where I bonded with my family members and got closer to the littlest one in our clan.  My nephew J is quite the cutie and despite him not allowing me to carry him, we did have a couple of moments on the trip playing hide-and-seek.  🙂

My dad is already looking at me and the Man to plan for the next family vacation.  Well, about that, maybe it’s time to pass on the baton?  Sisters?



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