Treats from the Snoring Dog Bistro

IMG_2091Christmas certainly came early for our fur-kid with treats galore from The Snoring Dog Bistro – a gourmet pet bistro set up by my ex-boss! I’ve always known her to be quite the baker and can’t be more pleased with this little venture that she is now into baking up a storm and wholesome goodies for furry little ones for it’s not easy finding home-made and healthy treats for doggies.

IMG_2093The fella must be wondering when he could finish up all these goodies!!  Because of Sparky’s really poor skin condition, I was extra careful in passing on the infor to J, the baker so that she could carefully select the ingredients used for the treats.

Using only natural and preservative-free ingredients, cookies are made with unsalted peanut butter, real vegetables and herbs. The Snoring Bistro also only use rye flour and brown rice flour unlike commercial treats.  I purchased a pack of the Sweet Breath Puppy Kiss made with fresh herbs for the fur-kiddo and he got really lucky with loads of sample treats gifted from The Snoring Dog Bistro.

IMG_2098That’s not all, J also generously gifted Sparky with this Mutt Loaf!  Loved how she specially topped the Mutt Loaf with cauliflower puree and even added special doggy biscuits in the shape of a Golden Retriever and bones to add cheer to the overall presentation.

IMG_2100 Made with fresh human grade Australian ground beef with veggies, apples, brown rice and baby oats, the Mutt Loaf was baked to perfection.  A grain-free option was also carefully selected for the fur-kiddo because of his skin condition.  🙂  As the Mutt Loaf is freshly baked, it can be kept in the refrigerator for up to a week or you could portion and freeze the item for up to one month.  Well, this didn’t last very long around here.  This was Sparky’s breakfast and formed part of his dinner for the day.

IMG_2105I had to heat this up in the microwave and cool the Mutt Loaf before feeding it to the fella.  But while his food was being cooled, he kept sniffing, pacing up and down and at times even jumping over the table in the attempt to get his food.  This guy is definitely an impatient one when it comes to meal times.  It was tough trying to get him to stay  still so that I could get a proper shot! IMG_2110Needless to say, the moment the bowl was put in front of him, he finished the loaf up in a matter of seconds.  It was that quick!  After licking clean the entire bowl without leaving a single grain behind, he looked at me with his soulful puppy eyes requesting for more.  I obviously ignored the request but pleased that he enjoyed his breakfast treat!  🙂  But needless to say, he is a satisfied customer of the gourmet food prepared by The Snoring Dog Bistro while I’m a happy paw-rent!


Thanks to the Snoring Dog Bistro for the Mutt Loaf and lovely sample treats!  Sparky is definitely having a wonderful Christmas snacking on all these wholesome goodies during this festive season thanks to you!

If you wish to order these gourmet goodies for your furry ones, you can do so via The Snoring Dog Bistro‘s website.  Also follow them on Facebook and Instagram to catch a glimpse of the infamous Snoring Dog (I’ve met him in real life and he’s quite the character) and their latest news and happenings.


Note : lady J’s musings received the Mutt Loaf and sample treats on behalf of Sparky from The Snoring Dog Bistro. No monetary rewards were given. All views expressed are purely of my own.

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