Bon Anniversaire Gifts

IMG_1959When Mum asked me to choose between a set of numbers – 0608 and 2903 – I was puzzled.  She’s been known to give us three sisters really special Christmas gifts and I was afraid that she was going to be extravagant this year.  Christmas is a time for gifting but I don’t want my parents to go overboard with the Christmas presents, afterall, we have almost everything we need.  Anything else is really a want.  In my mind, I thought, it can’t be a car that she’s giving me or maybe a set of 4D numbers for us to strike it big?

Well, turned out it was the number of the Rose Chan Limited Edition doll that she got for me and the Man as part of our Anniversary gifts.  My parents – they remembered our anniversary date and even went the extra mile to get us specially curated gifts.  Meaning for the Rose Chan doll?  Well, we’ve always loved Japan and Mom wanted something that would remind us of our special time in Japan.  She had to specially wait in line to get this doll over at Takashimaya Shopping Centre.

Along with the doll, she also knew of my obsession with plates and server-ware.  So she got us a set of dessert plates that are perfect for the upcoming festive season along with a really eye-popping cake-stand to serve sweets with.

Thanks Mummy for the gifts!!  🙂

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