Pimped up Magnum Delight

One of the things that had me going gaga on my Instagram feed was this pimped up Magnum that Karen from Super Fine Feline showed.  I never got round to going to the Magnum Pleasure Pop Up Store over at Clarke Quay, nor the one at Vivo City.  Last weekend while running my errands at Raffles City, I spied the Magnum Pleasure Store over at Raffles City.  I knew I couldn’t miss going in to this one for sure since it was pretty close to the office.

Dragged the colleagues down over lunch one day for some ice-cream!  They couldn’t quite believe what I wanted to do but they gamely followed.  Loads of ‘oohs and ahhs’ can be heard mostly from G and me when we happily walked through the doors.  It’s time to pimp our magnums!

IMG_2057Priced at S$7 a pop, these don’t exactly come cheap but hey it was fun!  There were about 14-16 different toppings that you could choose from.  The base of the ice-cream is vanilla but you could choose 3 toppings as well as the coating of the chocolate for your ice-cream.

Here’s my creation :  Popping Candy, Macadamia Chips and Gold Flakes over a Dark Chocolate Coat with a drizzle of White Chocolate.  Decadent but delightfully crunchy, thanks to the popping candy!  🙂

IMG_2059Pimped up Magnum Creations done by our Group!  🙂  All in all, a really fun experience and one should try it for the fun of it!

Not sure how long they will be staying over at Raffles City Shopping Centre (outside Robinsons), but don’t wait too long to get your hand on one of these!


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