Kiehl’s Travel-Tested Solutions

IMG_1794Before leaving LAX, I wanted to pop into the Kiehl’s counter at the Duty-Free store.  The Man’s eyes popped (of course), ‘Haven’t you bought enough of Kiehl’s?!?!‘  Well, not exactly, since the Kiehl’s Travel-Tested Solutions are only available for duty-free retail in the States.

Launched in May 2012, the Travel-Tested Solutions have been designed to infuse skin with essential moisture and nutrients during and after travel. The line is only available exclusively at Kiehl’s airport shops, downtown duty-free shops and onboard certain airlines.  A quick check on the www revealed that it’s available for sale in the UK, though I’m not quite certain of that.  If you do know if this is true, do lemme know! 🙂

To combat the effects of extended exposure to confined environments such as trains and planes that often leave passengers with physiological effects on their skin, Travel-Tested Solutions employs soothing and anti-microbial properties to help defend skin immediately against these adverse environmental conditions.

The collection contains cactus flower extract, which is known to deliver 24/7 hydration, and Tibetan ginseng, a mountain plant that increases skin-cell respiration at high altitudes. In combination with the blend of essential oils (lavender, geranium and rosemary), the products help to protect against dehydration.

Couldn’t resist picking up the whole set which consisted of the In-Flight Refreshing Facial Mist, the 24/7 Activated Moisturiser, the First Class Purifying Hand Treatment and the Eucalyptus Lip Relief Class.  Loved the lip relief for its formulated with eucalyptus along with cactus flower and Tibetan ginseng.  During our long-haul flight back to Singers, we put the In-Flight Refreshing Facial Mist to good use as well.  The scent was really lovely.  The mist is formulated with cactus flower, Tibetan ginseng and a blend of lavender, geranium and rosemary and it brought immediate relief for the skin.

Prices start from US$8.50 and each product is available for individual purchase or they can all be bought together as a travel set, which includes a complimentary limited edition luggage tag.  I wanted to get the whole set that supposedly comes with a cute travel pouch but unfortunately the counter that I was at didn’t have that.  But they were nice enough to give me a complimentary luggage tag for my full-order purchase.

So if you ever head to the States and are a beauty junkie like me, don’t miss out packing these Kiehl’s goodies back home.   PS: They make great gifts too!  🙂

2 thoughts on “Kiehl’s Travel-Tested Solutions

  1. Jayne choo says:

    Hi! I can confirm that these are available at Gatwick and Heathrow Airport (terminals 1,3 and 5 that I have seen). They are so handy and smell really fresh don’t you think?

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