Time for a bath!

I was inspired to give my make-up brushes a good cleansing after reading this post over at the Make Up Stash.  I do feel it’s important to give my make-up tools (especially the brushes) a good wash from time to time because of the amount of the dirt and grime that sticks on to the brushes and left in the closet (or open) with germs accumulating on them.  It’s actually kinda of gross as you think about putting all these dirt back on to your face when you use them continually without a wash.

So every other week or so, I bring my core make-up brushes for a good wash.  It’s usually done with warm water and a mild hand-soap.  I dip the brushes individually into the soapy water, give it a good swirl and repeat the process until the water turns clear.  I also do this with my make-up sponges as well.

For daily cleansing of the brushes, the Sephora Daily Make-up Brush Cleaner does a pretty decent job.  I spray the solution over my brushes and give it a good wipe after applying the powder on to my face.

But after reading the post by Mags, I was inspired to do more for my make-up brushes.  I didn’t want to fork out that much money for the soap over at the Make Up Store and read over at Instagram that soaps by Dr Bronner’s Magic or Burts Bees could also do the trick.  So I hopped on to NTUC Finest and grabbed me a bar of Dr Bronner’s Magic Soap in Lavender (S$7.50+).


Check out how dirty my brushes are! ;p  I couldn’t wait to put the soap to good use.  While I didn’t document the entire process, but here are the steps (credit goes to the post from the Make Up Stash):

  1. Wet your brush.
  2. Gently rub it against the soap to work up a lather.
  3. Repeat the rubbing motion to encourage the colours to come out of the bristles. (Try not to smoosh your brush into the soap to prevent unwanted splaying.)
  4. Rinse out the brush till the water runs clear.


It was pretty gratifying watching the colours come right out of the bristles.  Yup, even those stubborn colours.  I was pleasantly surprised that the bristles of my brush could actually turn back to white (its original form)!  This method definitely works way better than my previous one so I’m really happy to have stumbled upon this and will be sticking with this formula for a while to wash my brushes!


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