New York Food Fave: Jean-Georges

For one of the best value lunch meals in a 3 Michelin-stars restaurant, Jean-Georges really hits all the right notes the first time round.  So instead of venturing to find a new place, we decided to head back there for another gastronomic treat.

A day fresh from finishing the New York Marathon, the Man was famished, so instead of the 3-course lunch menu, we delved straight into the tasting menu.

L1010019After our amuse bouche (didn’t really take a good shot of the dish), the first starter for the menu was the toasted egg yolk, caviar and herbs.  They were really generous with the caviar and the toasted egg yolks?  Make that 3!  This really sent my cholesterol levels rocketing high for I felt guilty after finishing up the dish.  Well, one should never waste caviar.  And probably like what the Man said, once in a blue moon.  I certainly hope so!

L1010020Next up, the pan-seared scallops with caramelised cauliflower and caper raisin emulsion.   The emulsion had a tinge of asian influence of curry to the dish.

L1010025The risotto and porcini foam was a dish that I really enjoyed.  The foam had a tangy yuzu lemon taste to it which felt like an unusual pairing for a rice dish but really worked.


L1010029By now, I was pretty full from the rest of the dishes but we had another 2 more to go.  Next was the hake with a pea emulsion and finally, the caramelized beef tenderloin with miso butter and brussels.  Felt that the miso butter was a tad bit too salty.

L1010034And to finish off the lunch was this exquisite and large portion of mini desserts served on a plate for each of us to enjoy.  Tummy took a triple somersault for I really couldn’t stuff anything else inside ‘cept for the grape sorbert.  Thankfully, the Man had a dinner appointment for the evening and I just had a soup with a pretzel roll to keep the hunger pangs at bay.

Address: One Central Park West, New York, New York 10023
Telephone: +212 299 3900
Michelin: ***


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