Thai Vegan in Santa Monica

Really felt like having Thai even though it was our last day in Santa Monica, so after hitting Venice beach, we went on a hunt for some Thai food. A quick search on yelp revealed a Thai restaurant close by. Took a bus and hopped on there to satisfy the need for chili craving!

Thai Vegan is a family-run kiosk that whips up pretty authentic thai vegetarian food. The Pad Thai served with a hearty dose of green veggies almost hit the note but it was cooked to suit the western tastebuds (ie: not overly spicy with a tinge of sweetness). Thankfully the handy Siracha sauce gave the noodles an added boost of ‘heat’ to the dish!

Ordered the Tom Yum soup because I really wanted something spicy and sour. Soup, on the other hand, was more like a home-made tomato soup. No strong spices were detected but I guess we can’t be too critical. :p

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