Revisiting an old favorite – Kiehl’s

Didn’t exactly do much shopping this trip because I’ve been sick, then the Man has been sick and we were just nursing our health back to recovery instead of hitting the streets proper and indulging in shopping.

With only 2 more days before we head home, finally had the mood to do a spot of shopping. Ended up at the Khiel’s counter to stock up some of our fave bath scents and the famed Creme de Corps body lotion. Decided to give some of their best-sellers a try for my skin as well – the Clearly Corrective Dark Spot Solution and the Powerful Strength Line Reducing Concentrate – to combat my aging woes! Has anyone tried the later 2 products? What’s the verdict?


8 thoughts on “Revisiting an old favorite – Kiehl’s

    • Lady J says:

      Yeah I love the Creme de Corps too.. had to pick it up again because the price was pretty attractive. Was tempted to get the sunblock too because of the rave reviews but have 2 more bottles of sunblock stocked up at home..

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