Chicago Food Rave: Deep dish pizza

Originated from Chicago, the deep dish pizza was one of the things to eat on our list. So upon arrival and after checking into our hotel, the famished Man went on a hunt to search for Chi-town’s deep dish pizza.

Thankfully, it was a 15minute walk from our hotel and the wait to get the food on our table wasn’t long. A hungry Man is an Angry Man! That’s a scaringly similar trait that he shares with my Dad. Put those 2 together and you’ll get an explosive time!


Settled on Lou Malnati’s Pizzeria for a quick snack!

See my point? Happy Man after placing his order of food.

Besides the personal deep-dish pizza, we shared an order of fiery hot chilli wings! Loved those and wished they could be served piping hot instead of warm.

Our order of personal deep dish Malnati Chicago Classic pizza that’s meant to be for one but good enough for two to share.

How did this compare to the thin crust pizza? The dough and the crust to ‘house’ the sauces in the pizza were slowly moulded into the pan. The crust was surprisingly crunchy to the bite and tasty, but I still preferred my thin crust pizza with extra toppings please. That somehow made for a healthier meal. ;p


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