New York Food Rave #7: Burger Joint

Gotta thank Ms Annoymous for sharing this tip on Burger Joint with me when I asked for some recommendations for out US trip! The Man was out for a work do and I had been craving for a good burger – namely a burger from Shake Shack! But I’m just too lazy to walk out to the nearest Shake Shack store so since Burger Joint is a stone’s throw away from where we are staying, I decided to head there for a solo dinner.

Tucked at Le Parker Meridien hotel behind those heavy carpet drapes is a hole-in-the-wall Burger Joint. I was half expecting snaking long queues with at least a 30minute wait for my burger. But I lucked out! No queues at all!! I was the second in line! Woo hoo!!

Had planned on dining alone but the place was pretty small and I would stick out like a sore thumb in this crowded space on my own. So I packed the burger back when the server whipped it out and hurried as fast as I could back to the hotel so that I could enjoy the burger warm instead of cold.

Couldn’t do a proper food styling shot so this was the best I could do given the limited lighting in the room. I got the cheeseburger with the works (US$9). A little pricey for a burger but it was good! I couldn’t resist chomping down the burger and within minutes, it was gone! Yup, that good!! It’s a little larger than the one that we had at Shake Shack and honestly, I can’t really make a sound comparison since it’s been slightly over a year since I had the burger from Shake Shack. But burgers should be like this – juicy, meaty with the right amount of vegetables and the right amount of sauce (ketchup, mustard and mayo) served over toasty fresh buns.

Thanks again Ms Anon for sharing the tip with me! Totally perked up my mid-week! 😉

Tomorrow, we are having Asian!! Can’t wait for we are a little tired of western cuisine already. ;p


6 thoughts on “New York Food Rave #7: Burger Joint

  1. Reza says:

    From memory ssam bar doesn’t take reservations, opens at 1130 am and there usually isn’t such a long queue at that time. Can’t wait till we are in NYC

    • Lady J says:

      Yea, I can’t wait to hear/read about ur food and travel takes!! Thanks for the long list of food places you shared too.. Really helpful but I’ve been sick so haven been adventurous when it comes to food ;(

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