Hada Labo SHA Hydrating Lotion

[Sponsored review]

L1010001The lovely folks at SampleStore.com invited me to review one of their beauty products from Hada Labo.  Being a fan of the brand, I couldn’t turn down the offer, so I said yes to the review!  Gotta love the nifty mail packaging that I received from them, one of the prettiest that I’ve seen so far!

My first foray into the brand was in 2012 and there was no turning back.  Been faithfully using the hydrating lotion as well as the hydrating facial wash as part of my beauty regime.  I’ve used several versions of the widely popular Super Hyaluronic Acid Hydrating lotion including the Hada Labo Arbutin Whitening Lotion which I subsequently finished.

On our trip to Japan in May, I picked up another bottle of the hydrating lotion from Hada Labo.  But this time, I wasn’t quite sure what function it specifically targeted.  Loved it because the texture felt lighter and a little more watery in terms of touch.  When I patted it into my skin, it was absorbed into the skin relatively fast as well.

L1010003I was extremely pleased to find out that the bottle that I had brought back from Japan was similar to the one that I’ve been gifted as part of the review!  The SHA Hydrating Lotion now comes in Light Lotion formula that’s perfect for oily and combination skin.  Suits my skin as it somewhat falls between Normal and Combination depending on our weather’s condition for the day.


Hada Labo’s philosophy is PERFECT X SIMPLE where only the finest, purest and highly effective ingredients are used to give you beautiful skin. It’s also removes all unnecessary ingredients such as colorant, fragrance, mineral oil and other additives that burden the skin and it’s specially formulated for Asian skin.

I’ve realised that after using this hydrating lotion, my skin does indeed feel softer before I go on the next step of slathering my serum and then my day/night creams.  I’m also  a huge believer and supporter of products with Hyaluronic Acid for I really think it moisturizes skin from surface to deep within to reveal softer skin.

Here’s a quick tip if you don’t already know: Hada Labo Hydrating Lotion contains Super Hyaluronic Acid that has twice the moisture retention capacity of Hyaluronic Acid (1g of Hyaluronic Acid can retain up to 6litres of water) to allow your skin to stay hydrated and smooth for a longer period of time.

To use the product, after cleansing, gently pat the lotion onto your face. Its hydrophilic nature helps to lock in moisture as it penetrates into the deepest layer of your skin to nourish from within.


On the right hand side of the pic is the Hydrating Lotion that I’ve picked up in Japan, while on the left hand side is the bottle of Hada Labo Bestselling Hydrating Lotion in Japan and Singapore that I’ve been gifted with.  Thrilled to learn that this lighter formula is finally available on our shores.

Hada Labo SHA Hydrating Lotion (170ml) is retailing at S$22.90 and is now available at Watsons, NTUC, Guardian, SASA, BHG and Unity.  If you wish to get your hands on a sample before purchasing a full-sized bottle of this goodness, then head on down to http://www.samplestore.com/product/details/800/0/name-hada-labo-sha-hydrating-lotion to redeem your FREE Hada Labo Hydrating Lotion sample.

Redemption only starts from 29 Oct 2013, so save the date!


Disclaimer : lady J’s musings received a full-sized Hada Labo SHA Hydrating Lotion from samplestore.com. No monetary rewards were given. All views expressed are purely of my own.



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