Looking forward

SONY DSCNew York > Chicago > Los Angeles

in less than 2 weeks!!!  I can hardly wait for that much-needed break!!!  🙂

Recommendations for things to do, places to eat please!!??  I’ve been really shoddy when it came to planning for this trip because of work.  😦  Leave me a comment please and thanks in advance for your help!


14 thoughts on “Looking forward

  1. lilsnooze says:

    I hardly plan my itinerary around food, but in LA, I will most definitely make a stop at Jinya Ramen Bar – http://www.jinya-ramenbar.com/.

    I always make a stop at either Camarillo or Desert Hills premium outlet for shopping. Desert Hills has very similar brands to Woodbury so, you can choose one or the other, but of cos Woodbury is more iconic. 😉

  2. Ms Anonymous says:

    Hi Joanne,

    I’m an avid reader of your blog. You’re finally going back to USA again for another holiday and I couldn’t be happier for you. I travel to New York often, and therefore are quite familiar with many of the restaurants there. Just wanna share with you a few things:

    1. You’d probably want to visit Metropolitan Museum of Art and American Museum of National History as you didn’t get the chance to visit them previously. And yes, you should definitely visit them, they are so big, you can spend 2-3 hours inside. Both museums have a “suggested admission price” of $25 and $22, which is used to trick tourists into donating. Don’t be pressurised to pay, most locals don’t even pay a dollar for it.

    DONT: Walk towards the ticketing officer, ask for 2 tickets, and ask “how much is it”.
    DO: Walk towards the officer, give him/her $2, and say “2 tickets please”.

    Guggenheim Museum: Free entry on Saturday, 545pm-8pm. Not really worth visiting IMO, the museum is small.
    MoMA: A great museum that you may want to revisit. Do it on Friday though, they have free entry from 4pm-8pm.

    2. The High Line: If you didn’t go come here previously, do yourself a favour and visit the High Line. It is an elevated railroad that was transformed into a park, and now it is a wildly popular destination for locals and tourists alike. It is unlike any other parks in the world: unique, artsy, romantic, and free to visit. You gotta see it for yourself! Also visit Chelsea Market (home to 40 over food retails) which is just nearby.

    3. SoHo: nothing special here, but it’s a really nice neighbourhood for shopping if you want to avoid the crowded Times Square/Fifth Avenue area. Many local brands & almost every international brands, cheap or expensive, can be found here. If you have time, do visit Dominique Ansel Bakery, the creator of cronut. People queue hours in the morning for that popular pastry. However, try coming at around 8am on a chilly monday morning, and you’ll only have to wait in the line for 30-45 minutes. Most locals don’t even know this “trick”! The original cronuts taste unlike any of the fakes in Singapore, they are really awesome. If you don’t want to queue, it’s okay. Just come in the evening and try any of Chef Ansel’s delicacies e.g. Magic Souffle, Frozen Smores, Kouign Amann. They are better than any pastries you can find in Singapore.

    4. If you are not going to premium outlet again, you may want to go Century 21. It’s a department store located in financial district, that sells designer warehouse goods.

    Lunch deals:
    1. Visit restaurants during lunch, they are more value for money. Dinners are just too expensive.
    2. Jean-Georges. Still the best lunch deal in town, worth a revisit.
    3. Le Bernardin (75usd, 3 course lunch, 3 stars). Not as cheap, smaller portions also. But if you love fish, you HAVE to try Le Bernardin.
    4. Del Posto (38usd, 3 course++, 1 star). One of the best lunch deals in town. Beautiful restaurant, plenty of food. Located near the high line.
    5. Bouley. (55usd, 5 course, 1 star). Fancy restaurant, food is better than most NY 1 star establishments. If you go Zagat, it’s the highest rating restaurant right now. A similar looking dinner is $175 for 6 courses.
    6. Btw, Zagat is extremely useful as their survey results are rather accurate. You can use it to find the best restaurants in LA, Chicago and New York.
    7. Gramercy Tavern (58usd, 5 course, 1 star). Very popular with locals. Again, food feels like its 1 notch above other 1 stars. But the decor isn’t that fancy.

    If you really want to splurge….. :
    1. Eleven Madison Park. $195 Tasting Menu for Lunch/Dinner. 3 Stars. My fav personally, but since it was ranked no 5 in the world this year, it became very very hard to book. Gotta go to opentable.com 28 days in advance. It became expensive as well.
    2. Jungsik. $150 tasting menu for dinner. Just got promoted to two stars. It’s a Korean fine dining restaurant. I find it hard to believe that no one has ever given a bad review for Jungsik, so I went to try it myself. It was definitely the best Korean food i’ve ever tasted.
    3. Per Se. 3 michelin star, many would say it’s the best food in New York and I’d prolly agree. But it’s very expensive ($295- no need to tip: service charge included. & all non-alcoholic beverage is free)

    Cheap Eats:
    1. Momofuku Milk Bar. Crack Pie is amazing. So is their Cereal Milk Soft Serve with topping. Gotta try!
    2. Burger Joint by Le Parker Meridien. Has taken over Shake Shack as the “best cheap burger” in New York.
    3. Spot Dessert Bar
    4. Bagel with smoked salmon and cream cheese! Expensive ($12) but it’s the quintessential NY experience. Ess-a-bagel, Murray’s Bagel, Russ & Daughters….
    5. Luke’s Lobster. Lobster rolls are expensive in Singapore. Have a meal here for less than $20usd!
    6. Other alternatives are probably Taim Falafel (best falafel Sandwich), Halal Guys (super famous food truck), Artichoke Pizza (crab pizza), Wafels & Dinges (Belgian Waffles), Gray’s Papaya (Hot Dog & Papaya Juice) , Pommes Frites (Fries).

    Feel free to ask more questions if you’d like. I think you should be fine on your own though 🙂 Have fun!

    • Lady J says:

      Hi Ms A, Thanks for popping by and that’s an extensive list that you shared!! Really appreciate you typing all this out! I’m going to try out a couple of places and things to do on your list of recommendations. Will let you know when I do.


  3. fernoftheforest says:

    Definitely The Art Institute and Magnolia Bakery (if you did not go to the New York one first). I’ve been wanting to go to the Architecture River Cruise but haven’t gone yet. Heard it’s great! Pack lots of warm clothes. Super cold for fall weather now.

      • fernoftheforest says:

        Chicago is pretty small and compact to do the main stuff in a weekend. And even though I haven’t been to New York, i would think it is likely a lot less exciting. But Chicagoians are pretty friendly and streets are wide and clean, so it’s very pleasant walking around.

  4. somethingboutrenes says:

    OMG!!! So lucky! I love new york! go visit their flea markets on a weekend! i love their brooklyn flea market. I heard the hell’s kitchen flea is good too!

    eat shake shack. Yummy. their natural museum is a must. their dinosaurs collection is amazing. MOMA too! broadway musical! the list can go on and on. I want to go back new york again! oh and definitely factory outlet at woodsbury!

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