Sparky’s fund-raising challenge

Boston Marathon - The Finish

The Man has been training really hard for the upcoming New York Marathon.  In fact, this is the first time I’ve seen him train so hard.  I guess after the Boston Marathon, he’s determined to succeed and finish the race in under 4 hours if it’s within his means.

To spur him on, he’s decided to take on another challenge.  Well, probably because I egged him on and told him that he should channel all that energy to raise funds for a charity.  And since, he probably had quite a lot of time to think during those long-distance runs that he has to do on a weekly basis (he trains about 4-5 times a week), he has decided to take up the challenge.

His charity of choice?  To raise funds for the Guide Dogs Association of the Blind Limited in Singapore.  It’s no secret how much we love Sparky.  We treat him as our very own and in many ways, Sparky is really more than a furry friend.  He has brought immense joy in our lives and he brings instant cheer to us the moment we go home or just by spending time with him.  We know that there are several dog-related charities in Singapore and we thought hard about who we should be raising funds for.  But an encounter with the folks at Guide Dogs Association of the Blind Limited and coupled with the work that they aim to do in providing a guide dog for the visually impaired so that they can regain confidence in going about their daily lives struck a chord with us.

During my course of work, I’ve also met with Singapore’s first guide dog; Kendra and was most impressed with how she provided the support to her owner who relied on her to get around Singapore.  After Kendra, I understand that there are now 2 other guide dogs in Singapore.  Esme  the guide dog is quite a character on her own and maybe one day, together with Sparky, we will get to meet her. But for now, we are focused to help raise the much-needed funds to either bring another trained guide dog in to help the less fortunate in whatever possible way we can.

P1040201People run Marathons for many reasons and this is just one of the ways we thought we could give back to the community.  Linking it with the possibility of giving a companion to someone who’s lost his/her sight because of our love for our fur-kid has simply made this cause extra special.  🙂


Will we be able to hit the fund-raising target that the Man has set out to achieve?  Fingers crossed!!!  We really do hope so!

P1040205To the Man: both Sparky and I will be rooting for you at the Finish Line over in New York!  So run your best!!  xoxo 🙂


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