Weekends are made of these..

With a couple of big projects happening over the next few weekends, we decided to not plan anything big but spend time with the fur-kid this weekend instead.

First up, we brought Sparky for his fave activity (other than eating and sleeping) – SWIMMING over at Canine Wellness and Rehab Centre.  This place really rocks!  Love the facilities for it’s clean and the staff genuinely treat the doggies with loads of care and concern.



His second swim class was a lot better than the first.  This time round, he could get into the pool unassisted and he looked liked he really enjoyed himself.  The next time, the Man is going to ‘bond’ with him and head into the pool with the fur-kid.

Next, we brought Sparky to church for a special blessing given to pets on World Animal Day.  The Man doesn’t go to church and I guess Sparky is probably the only one that could even bring him to church.  Hehe!  It was such a sight looking at all these pet-lovers bringing their beloved animals for the blessing.  I saw dogs, cats, terrapins, fish, hamsters, rabbits, guinea pigs, etc.  I guess no one expected the response to be that overwhelming.

IMG_0939Controlling the animals was a lot harder as well.  Sparky was such a busy-body this time round, kept sniffing the behind of a friend’s schnauzer.  We had to tug him and calm him down which he did after a while.  The cousin brought her dog while the Mom, Sis and my nephew joined in the fun since the idea was pretty novel.


Sparky receiving a special blessing from the Priest.  I think he probably found this amusing as well.  ;p  But it all stemmed from the best intentions, God created all creatures, Man and Animals.  So he treats all of them fairly and the priest acknowledged that some of the owners present probably treat them better than humans (which is mostly true in our household), so they should receive the same blessing as well.  🙂  How sweet!

IMG_0941That’s Sparky in his ‘prayer’ posture!  Pets received a special goody bag from Pet Lovers Centre and the doggies also received a bandana from Michiko Pet Groomers.   Thanks all for organising this! Hope there will be another similar service for pets again next year!  🙂

And that my friends sum up a happy weekend for us!


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