Baked Salmon Parcel

I’m on a hunt for recipes with Salmon in it and couldn’t be happier with this new recipe that I found over at Bev‘s.  It’s my quick-fix dinner for weeknight when I try to stay away from carbs.

IMG_9749This honestly cannot be any easier to make!  Parcel-wrapped Salmon!

All I need to do is to get a slab of salmon (approx 200 – 300 grams) and place it on parchment (baking paper).  I then use whatever vegetables I fancy for the evening, from asparagus to carrots, peppers (you get the drift).  Then place a couple of cherry tomatoes on top of the salmon, add to that some sliced red onions (for that added sweetness), sprinkle sale and pepper, plus a tiny pat of butter.  Wrap the salmon package up like a bag.  Bev’s receipe called for a tablespoon of chicken stock before you seal and fold over the package tight but I usually omit this step.  Taste just as good.  Bake the package at 210celsius for 11 to 12 minutes and you are done!

It’s important not to go over 12 minutes or the salmon may be over-cooked.  Even at 12 minutes, the fish is cooked with a silky smooth center and it really just melts in the mouth.  Try it for a hearty and healthy dinner

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