my lack of updates around here.  I was bracing myself for a Friday night of ‘exciting’ blog-fest but turned out I ain’t feeling too well now.  Maybe it’s the lack of proper, rested sleep or maybe it’s just that the week has been rather rough for me.  I felt like I went through an emotional roller-coaster ride where some things are probably left better not said and some things I wondered if I had the courage to say.

Hopefully when I wake up tomorrow, I will feel a whole lot better.  For now, I’m spending the rest of my night inhaling the sweet scent given off by my scented candle under the covers with one episode of Running Man (my new-found Korean variety show that has me in stitches).


6 thoughts on “Pardon

  1. madeofballoons says:

    It’s been a tiring week for me as well, but I always believe in ‘tomorrow will be a better day’ 🙂 I’m glad Running Man makes your day, just like it always make mine too. You can watch ‘Daddy, Where Are You Going’ which is equally funny too!

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