Swim time for Sparky

It’s been ages since Sparky last swam.  One of his fave things (and ours for that matter as well) to do over the weekend is to go for a swim.  We love bringing him to the beach, letting him run wild and free as he bobs into the water happily chasing his toy.  But that activity somewhat slowed down as he was having a really bad case of skin infection and the salt water didn’t exactly do him any good.

Processed with VSCOcam with c1 presetWe recently discovered a place near the home that would allow Sparky to once again indulge in his fave activity.  The Canine Wellness and Rehab Centre has the largest indoor hydrotherapy pool in Singapore.   Sessions include either a fun swim or a canine hydrotherapy session.

I brought Sparky in for a fun swim which lasted for about 30 minutes over the weekend.

Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset

What I liked about the place?  It’s clean, hygienic and the overall environment is warm and friendly.  When Sparky first arrived, he was a little nervous.  He kept running around the place when Doris tried to place the life vest on him.  But she was patient and we eventually managed to put it over him. We never used a life vest on him for he’s comfortable swimming without one.  When I asked the trainer if there was a need to put on a vest for Sparky going forward, he said it’s best to put on the life vest for Sparky for the first few sessions until he’s comfortable with the environment and also with the trainers.

He also took a while to warm up to the new surroundings of swimming in a pool instead of the beach.  The trainer had to cajole him to get into the pool but once he immersed fully into the pool, he happily paddled along to catch with his fave water-toy for the trainer.  🙂

The trainer said he’s a pretty strong swimmer and he did well for his first session.  For the next session, they would probably turn on the jets in the pool so as to train him further.  I guess for the next session, the Man would probably want to join Sparky in the pool as well.  It’s their bonding moment while I will probably have to play photog and videog to take down the special moments.

The swim session lasted for about 30 minutes which is sufficient for the fur-kid for anything longer would just tire him out.  After the session, the trainer whisked him to the wash area where another friendly staff provided Sparky with a wash, shampoo (so that no residual chlorine is left on him) and blow-dry while I sat outside to wait for him.  :)It seemed like he had a blast swimming in the pool so looks like the pool will be our new hang-out swim place in the East for Sparky.

To find out how you can bring your dog for a session, you can contact the friendly folks at Canine Wellness & Rehab Centre.  Details below.

Canine Wellness & Rehab Centre
Address: 224, Telok Kurau Road, Uni Building #01-05, Singapore 423836
Telephone: 6440 0487

Opening Hours: Tuesdays to Sundays: 10.30am to 7.30pm, Open on most public holidays and closed on Mondays

Free parking is available at Uni Building.


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