Checking out: La Pizzaiola

After the cuz’s little bridal shower that comprised of us girlies prettifying our nails, I met the Man and headed out to Jalan Riang to try some of the eateries there.

IMG_0320La Pizzaiola came recommended by both the cousins for wholesome Italian fare.  Since it was kinda close by to the cousin’s place, decided to drive by and check the place out because I’ve been meaning to do so for a while now.  Been reading loads about the Jalan Riang estate.

Parking is quite a nightmare because space around the estate is pretty limited.   There is a valet service available but only for diners at The Cajun Kings, so if you want to use their service, you’ve gotta fork out S$15 for the service!

IMG_0321A really grumpy and angry Man at the expensive valet service considering that it is afterall a residential area.  Check out his facial expression.. major grumps! Grrr…

IMG_0322Ordered the fresh burrata cheese served with parma ham to start off the meal.

IMG_0323The pastas looked pretty interesting with different textures and flavours used in the dishes.  Having caught an episode of Masterchef Australia where the contestant whipped up a squid ink gnocchi, I was wondering where in the world can I get me some of that to try.  Well, guess it was my lucky day!

The squid-ink potato dumpling with crab sauce wasn’t exactly what I was expecting for.  The dish was a little too starchy for my liking.  Hint of squid ink is probably lost because of the crab meat sauce which overpowered the dish.  The Man enjoyed this dish though.

IMG_0326The Pizzoccheri Della Valtellina is the house specialty made up essentially of hand-made pasta, butter, sage and cheese.  Served like a deconstructed version of calzone ala pasta style, I enjoyed the pizza base dunked in the sauce.

  IMG_0329Because the Man was famished (having done a 30km run earlier the day), he had space for another main!  The braised lamb shank came recommended by the cousin and it was pretty good!  The meat was soft and tender, it literally fell off the bone!

Overall, a pretty decent find nestled in the Braddell Heights Estate but the journey and the valet fee wouldn’t be worth a second visit.  If we do come back, I might want to check out Rokeby or The Cajun Kings.  Wimbly Lu is a pretty nice cafe to come back to us well (review to come soon).

La Pizzaiola
Add: 15/3 Jalan Riang, Singapore 358987
Tel: +65 6282 5031

2 thoughts on “Checking out: La Pizzaiola

  1. miss ene says:

    Hey! I just dined there as well but at their quieter and newer outlet at Teacher’s Estate. Here’s the address:

    Teacher’s Estate
    19 Kalidasa Avenue
    Singapore 789398

    A lot quieter, a lot less maniac than Jalan Riang. Can go check it out!

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