Holster x Rockstar

Saw a pic of these Rockstar Stud Jelly from Holster and my heart instantly skipped a beat!  Super love ♥♥♥♥

After hearing from Bev that they were available at Not Too Big , I knew I wanted to head down to score my very own pair before they ran out of sizes.  I wasn’t prepared to make a trip specially down to Forum to get the pair so I decided to send them a note via Facebook to see if they could reserve a pair in my size before I head down over the weekend.

Impressed with the customer service at Not Too Big, they replied within the day to let me know that they could set aside a pair of the Rockstar Stud Jelly flats in my size or alternatively, I can order a pair over at Pupsik Studio if it was going to more convenient for me to shop online.

Well, not too difficult to guess which option I went with?


Did I tell you again how much I love, love, love these pair of Rockstar Stud Jelly flats from Holster?!?  They are edgy, chic and simply perfect!!


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