Checking out: IZY

The last week has been tough for the Man.  His mom has taken rather ill and he has been shuffling in-and-out of the hospital.  I haven’t been all that well either so haven’t been much of help.  Plus, he has an insane training regime that he has to adhere to as part of the New York Marathon training, so things have been pretty crazy on the home-front.

IMG_0095Mid-week treat for us both over at Izy – an upscale version of the tradition Japanese Izakaya (a type of Japanese drinking establishment which also serves food to accompany the drinks) that has just opened along Craig Street.

IMG_0096One could go with the ala-carte choices or opt for the Omakase priced at S$120++ per person with 7 courses.  We decided to go with the Omakase for the individual items on the menu looked pricey and didn’t look substantial to fill the Man’s tummy.

I did not take pictures of all the dishes but here are the stand-out dishes in the Omakase course.

IMG_0099First up, the Goma tofu served in a cocktail glass and topped with fresh uni, salmon roe and a Japanese vegetable covered in a jello.  The tofu was silky smooth and went in-hand with the sea urchin and salmon roe.  Wonderful as a starter to whet our appetites.


Next, the Josper grilled marinated foie gras in white miso with lime balsamico sauce.  Interesting use of flavours with the lime balsamico sauce lending balance to the richness of the foie gras.

IMG_0102Next up, apparently the best Karaage Chicken ever!  Well, it was pretty darn good crispy and tender chicken pieces tossed in a light flour batter.

IMG_0103Everything with truffles taste almost better right?  And it does, this grilled wagyu beef bowl with a generous serving of black truffles marked the end of our meal before dessert.

IMG_0109For dessert, this blue cheese ice cream sounded strange but surprisingly delicious.  Well, helped that I do enjoy blue cheese in the first place.  The blue cheese ice cream was not particularly overpowering and the candied walnuts with the honey drizzle provided the perfect accompaniment for the dessert.  I actually finished up the serving given and wished there were seconds to go round.

If you are planning to head there to give IZY a go, I’d say give ala-carte a miss and go straight for the Omakase.  You would get a better dining experience.

IZY dining and bar
Address : 27 Club Street, Singapore 069413
Telephone: +65 62203327


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