Floral Workshop by Thumbelina Petals

You know how much I love dabbling with floral arrangements for the home and Instagram is a great place to get inspiration especially from a couple of ladies over there who also share a fond love for floral arrangements to dress up their homes. Magdalyn is one of them and I really loved the floral arrangements that she came up with at a floral cum craft workshop organised by Thumbelina Petals.


I had always wanted to upgrade my skills after attending the Basic Floral Design Course at Nobleman but I couldn’t afford the commitment to do so (it’s usually a course over 4-8 weeks). So this afternoon craft-and-floral workshop was perfect for me. Spent a couple of hours out doing the things I enjoy doing. πŸ™‚


IMG_9976The workshop was held at Cafe Pal along Middle Road. Arrived about 10 minutes earlier and was greeted with this pretty view of beautiful flowers. After a brief introduction by Waae Waae and Juwind on how they started out Thumbelina Petals plus what we are to expect from the session, it was our turn to introduce ourselves and get acquainted with one another. Most were like me, inspired by pretty things and really wanted to create something pretty from the session.


The first part of the workshop was the crafting bit. We were taught how to make our own petite envelopes and gift tags. We were given different card stocks, papers, washi tapes, stamps to play around and decorate our gift tags. Starved for inspiration as I had been feeling under the weather, I managed a floral tag only with some mini cut-out cards. My other mates in the session were far more creative. Hehe..

IMG_9982After dabbling in crafting for about an hour or so, we were treated to some light snacks prepared by Cafe Pal. French Rose tea or Roselle tea along a with a slice of yummy Orange Chiffon Cake. The 15 minute break gave participants a chance to mingle with one another while the trainers helped to prep the flowers for the next part of the workshop. The one that most of the participants were all eagerly looking forward to.


The different florals we were going to use for the workshop. We were given a handbook with tips on crafting plus how to select and care for flowers. Pretty useful for me as I sometimes tend to forget the details. ;p

IMG_9985IMG_0022Moving on to the ‘Wet Session’ of the workshop, we were all told to stand up to work with the flowers. We were taught how to remove the tiny thorns for the rose and how to pick the different flowers/ scheme to put together our whimsical bouquet. I did enjoy this part of session the most for it reinforced my floral basics. I’ve always been pretty safe when it comes to picking out flowers and my take-away from this session is to step out of my comfort zone and experiment with the different flowers out there.

The flowers used at the workshop aren’t wildly exotic, which I liked for that means they are readily available at the market. Each participant walked away with the knowledge of how to put together a floral hand bouquet placed inside a cardboard cone holder (that’s gifted by the owners) plus a mini floral bouquet placed in a milk jar with a ribbon holder.


And just like that, 3 hours of the workshop went by. On top of the 2 bouquets that we got to bring home, we were also gifted with a petite bunch of wild florals plus a bag of goodies (starter kit for crafting and a handbook). Each participant also walked away with a Polaroid picture taken behind a beautiful photo-wall created by Waae Waae and Juwind. Really appreciate the attention to the small details given to make sure the each and every participant were taken care of during the workshop.

IMG_0023A different kind of afternoon spent on my own. I’m happy with my blooms and pleased that they are adding the much-needed cheer for the home. πŸ™‚

Hop on over to Nong Jia Nu’s blog if you are interested to find out when the next floral-cum-craft workshop will be. I’m already hoping that the ladies will organise part deux of the workshop for existing participants to dabble more with different florals.


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