Checking out: iii Cafe [doggy-friendly cafe]

[Update as at 22 Nov 2014: Ceased its operations]

Pet owners (in the East especially)  rejoice!  Another pet-friendly joint has just opened up.  This time round, it’s air-conditioned for our furry ones to run around in a confined area while us humans enjoy the bites.

iii Cafe was a tip-off by the studio manager over at Power Work Studio.  I decided to head there over the long weekend to meet up with Horlicks (the bf@w’s new fur-kid).

IMG_9646The place ain’t huge but good enough for the furry ones to run around.  The small touches that the owners put for the furry ones are commendable for instance doggy toys, sample treats for the pooches, poop bags, pee pens, mop and hand sanitizers on each table, etc.  Thumbs up for the attention to details for the furry ones.

IMG_9604Tired from the 20 minutes walk from home to the cafe, Sparky was more interested in taking a breather after being fed with some water.

I was worried about him bothering the other patrons and stealing their food for the tables are rather low and he could easily pinch off the food, so I kept him close to me.

IMG_9605Cam-whoring my new pair of kicks!  Loving the blue with pinks!  Hehe..The fur-kiddo couldn’t be bothered, of course.

IMG_9642Dogs have their own menu too!  Had to give Sparky a treat after the walk.  Meatballs are for the pooches and made by The Barkery Singapore (one of my fave doggy bakers).  Let’s hope that they will expand their offerings to some dry snacks that owners can purchase for their furry ones eventually.


Expect simple cafe grub at iii Cafe.  Wings, Nachos, Fries, Pancakes, Pizza, etc are all available for the ordering.  We went with some wings, nachos and pizza to share.  Coffee and food is decent.


And guess who got an extra treat just because it’s the Nation’s birthday?  Special National Day pup cake from The Barkery Singapore specially gifted by iii Cafe.

IMG_9655He obviously couldn’t wait to dig straight into the treat.  🙂  Thanks guys for this treat!  You made him a happy doggy today!

IMG_9664Meeting Horlicks for the first time.  Horlicks is a 4 month old Dachshund that the pal just got.  He’s so tiny compared to Sparky.  We managed to grab a couple of pics of Horlicks sitting on lazy Sparky.  He couldn’t be bothered of course.  Even when Horlicks attempted to bite Sparky’s tail, the big boy was rather patient and didn’t bark at the little one.  Good on you big boy! 🙂 IMG_9652We will be back again to iii Cafe.  I can’t get enough of the friendly service extended not to just the humans but more importantly to the furry ones.  And I recommend that you should definitely visit with your lil’ furry one in tow to this cafe.  🙂

iii Cafe
Address: 687A East Coast Road, Singapore 459055
Telephone: +65 6655 8288
Operating Hours: Tues – Thurs: 12pm to 10pm, Fri – Sun: 11am to 11pm (Closed on Mondays)


7 thoughts on “Checking out: iii Cafe [doggy-friendly cafe]

  1. says:

    Very clean place to hangout with our furry kids n choices of food for furry kids too. Strongly recommend !

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