Checking out: Tamashii Robataya

IMG_9197The gang decided to head to Patrick’s new establishment – Tamashii Robataya – one evening, and I believe I’m hooked!  We’ve been familiar with Patrick who was previously with Yoyogi, so when he started out Tamashii, it was but a matter of time, we would pay him a visit.

“Tamashii” stands for ‘soul’ in Japanese and we are certainly pleased that he has put in his heart and soul in this restaurant which serves up mainly grilled food plus an array of fine Japanese dishes.

I wasn’t planning on doing a food blog-post but couldn’t pass up taking some of the pictures during our meal so would just share with you what we ate on our first omakase meal at Tamashii.  Having known Patrick, we entrusted him to plan our menu and went ahead with Omakase option.

IMG_9201A twist to the normal salad – seasonal Japanese fresh figs served with sesame dressing.  A hearty appetizer that definitely whet the appetite.

IMG_9202Next, a sashimi platter.  Loved the uni and we didn’t think this was enough so Patrick kindly gave the group more items. 🙂 Again, perks of knowing the chef.

IMG_9203I especially loved the bi-coloured corn from Hokkaido brushed with butter and lightly grilled.  Sweet and tasty on first bite and left me wanting more.  Must make a note and request for this if it’s still in season the next time we visit.

IMG_9204Next, we were served with this clam soup which was done rather creatively.  The clam was first removed and diced up into pieces.  The shell is then used as a ‘bowl’ to store the soup along with the tiny pieces of the clam.

IMG_9207The catch of the day was this huge fan clam that Patrick proudly shared with us.  One of these fan clams could feed about 2-3 of us.  So portions were equally divided.  The fan clam was cooked with butter and served together with a medley of mushrooms.  Didn’t really enjoy the dish for I felt the butter was too oily for my liking.  The Man didn’t have this dish as he could not take too much seafood.  He went with a lamb chop made specially for him.

IMG_9208By now, we’ve had too much sake to drink and felt stuffed.  The Man, on the other hand, could still eat more, so Patrick finished off the meal with one of his signature dishes – Grilled pork cheek don.  Couldn’t pass up on this, so we asked Patrick to do a smaller portion for 3 of us to share.  Hehe.. and this dish?  Thumbs up!  The pork cheek was grilled beautifully along with the yummy seasoned Japanese rice, a tinge of truffle and a perfect poached egg.  I proclaim this as one of my comfort food and want to come back for more!  Yum!!

IMG_9209And to end the meal, we had fresh seasonal Japanese fruits.  Couldn’t pass up on this sea-salt vanilla ice-cream for I love deserts with a tinge of sea-salt in it.

Overall, a great dining experience.  Will come back for more.. actually am heading back this Wednesday with Min – so can’t wait to share what new things that we will be eating!  🙂

Tamashii Robataya
Address: 12 North Canal Road, #02-01, Singapore 048825
Telephone: 6222-0316
Open daily except Sundays : 12 – 2.30pm, 6.30 – 10.30pm

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