Checking out: PARK

IMG_9476Finally made it to Park at Holland Avenue with the remaining few hours of the weekend.  It was a long week for me because of an event that I had to oversee and I needed a perk-me-up in the form of some really sinful spam chips which I was determined to chomp down having to forgo lunch.

Park is situated at Holland Ave (where the old carpark was) right outside the stretch where Provence Bakery, Body Shop and Hatched are located.  Housed in a chic eco-friendly structure, Park’s decor is minimal.  All the seats inside were filled when we arrived so we took the bar stools outside.  Thankfully, it wasn’t that hot so we managed to enjoy our meal without perspiring buckets.

IMG_9479The Man’s idea of a snack was these Tiramisu pancakes.  Looked pretty good when they set the plate down but I thought it screamed calorie overload.  Mindful that I haven’t been working out much and would rather waste my calories on those spam chips, I hardly shared this sweet dish with the Man.  The coffee syrup drizzled on the pancakes provided a caffeine boost to the dish but the scoop of chocolate ice-cream served on the side was but decor.  We ended putting half the scoop of ice-cream along with my iced-mocha instead.  Calorie restraint on my part?  Failed terribly, of course.  The Man thought the dish was too sweet for his liking, so not a winner in his books.

IMG_9483The highlight of the tea-snack for me was of course these legendary spam chips.  Amazingly thin and crisp, I fell in love at first bite and could hardly stop chomping.  They were addictive and crunchy to the very end.  These would go so well with a cold beer in hand for the saltiness from the spam chips would complement the beer.  I guess we will only come back for these.  ;p

Address: #01-01, 281 Holland Village, Singapore 278996
Opening hours: Tues – Sun: 10am – midnight (till 2am on Fri & Sat), Closed on Mon

2 thoughts on “Checking out: PARK

  1. M says:

    Glad you made it to Park and liked the spam chips 🙂 Do try some of the main courses. They are pretty good. But service? Hmmm….. :p

    • Lady J says:

      I couldn’t resist after seeing the photos that you posted of the food/drinks at Park.. hehe.. will make another trip down to try their main courses one day. 🙂

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