Checking out: Pasar Bella

IMG_9241Finally had some time to go check out Pasar Bella!  🙂  Glad we took a while to get here for I believe the crowds were a little less crazy after the initial excitement had passed.

IMG_9242Located at Turf City, Pasar Bella is Singapore’s first wholesome market which houses fresh produce, niche food products, homely eateries and specially-craft retailers.  The concept is reminiscent of the markets that we’ve been to in Coppenhagen and parts of Europe and it’s refreshing to see our tiny red dot filled with new retail concepts.

Having skipped lunch, we were famished.  What was meant to be a simple tea-time snack became a full-fledged meal for the 2 of us.  We had fish & chips (that were so-so only).  I wanted oysters so we ordered half a dozen which I polished off within minutes.  The cheese place caught our eye, we went in and came out with a platter of cheese and 2 glasses of white wine.

IMG_9249Just when we were about to leave Pasar Bella, this caught the Man’s eye and we decided to order a serving of Spam Fries.  It turned out to be a waste of calories for they weren’t that great.  The Lime Mayo dip on the other hand was pretty tasty.


 Verdict?  A fun afternoon spent navigating the market trying to fill our tummies.  Didn’t go home with the fresh produce, but went home with a lighter wallet due to over-eating.  Hehe…

With that, I leave you with a photo of a quote taken at the place:



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