weekend reflection

IMG_9225A good part of my weekend was spent doing work- delivering food rations to needy families.  The Company has been organising this bi-annual community event for the past 4 years.  I remembered when the colleague mooted the idea, I was excited but really scared that we will not be able to get enough people to help pack the rations and deliver the rations.  But year on year, the activity grew and I’m heartened to see many familiar faces helping in this.

This year, I roped in the Man and a couple of my friends to help with the delivery of the food rations to some of the needy families.  It was a different kind of morning spent.  It went rather smooth-sailing ‘cept for one incident I had with one of the families.  Perhaps I exercised the wrong kind of discretion and I handed over the package thinking that it was fine.  It was not.  I was not able to get hold of the care-giver and when I had, I explained that I had handed over the package.  The care-giver was upset but was thankful for the gesture nevertheless.

Spoke too soon for she called me thereafter and started ranting at me.  I knew this was for charity and being at the receiving end of the rants definitely was not pleasant.  But I tried to listen patiently, apologised profusely in fact for exercising the wrong discretion to the matter.  I asked if there was anything I could do to rectify the problem that I had unintentionally created.  A sigh of exasperation ensued with the other party saying I have created more problems for her family, thank you very much!

I felt sh*tty, of course.  We could have waited for the care-giver to return and passed the items in person to her.  But instead, I chose on behalf of my team to hand the package to the family member, not wanting to pass on any judgement.  Well, I was wrong.

Thankfully, my entire experience was not completely marred.  When the group delivered the package to another family, we were welcomed with open arms into her home.  She not only invited us into her home, but offered us a round of drinks and took time to speak with us.  We learned that her mom is a recipient of the care package and  that she was going to be turning 99 soon.  She then woke her Mom up from her sleep and Mom came out to join us.  That warmth and the hospitality extended to me and my friends were beyond words for me.  They gave us blessings as they walked us out of their home and as we waved goodbye to them, I wished in my heart the best of health and joy for them both, and hoped our paths will cross soon.

My weekend in a nutshell.  Still suffering from aching back but I’m happy that it made a difference in some of the paths we crossed over the weekend.


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