My personal guide to…

IMG_9172Well, I try to!

It’s been hard trying to keep off those pounds.  Doesn’t help that the Man’s metabolic rate is super duper high.  Am envious that he hardly puts on weight.  But having said that, he does work out a LOT!  Something I obviously don’t do too often.  I try to squeeze in a couple of yoga sessions or power-plates sessions where possible but when work schedules get too crazy?  The one thing I really just want to do is to go home!

So since I don’t exercise regularly, my other option is to attempt to eat healthily then.  Really tough for me as I love junk food (think potato chips)!  And since skinny genes don’t quite run in the family, I guess I just gotta take the not-so-easy way out – look at my diet!

Been replacing rice with quinoa when I eat at home.  Dubbed as ‘Supergrain of the future’, quinoa is high in protein and relatively low in carbs.  It’s taste is acquired as some may not like it at first bite.  But I rather enjoy the nutty taste very much and often eat it on its own with edamame or tossed with some tapenade and tuna flakes for dinner.

For lunch the other day, I decided to be a little more adventurous with my quinoa dishes.  I cooked quinoa the normal way and added approximately 2 tablespoons of pasta sauce into the quinoa.  Threw in some edamame, mushrooms and bacon bits – and this one-pot mash become lunch for the day.

It ain’t good looking but taste-wise, it was pretty good!

Am on a look-out for healthy recipes with quinoa so if you do come across any, do let me know!  🙂


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