30 days of using KONK®

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We haven’t seen the dengue plague easing up on us yet.  In fact, efforts have been doubled as citizens try to stem out that pesky Aedes mosquitoes.   And no, the recent haze incident that we had, it’s not the government’s way of doing national fogging.  Seriously, I’ve heard jokes circulating saying that the haze was a result of national fogging.. tsk.. rolls eyes.


So, what’s the verdict after 30 days of using the KONK® I with Air Guard (AG) Timed Release Mister and the KONK® HH?  I must add that these 2 gifts couldn’t have come at a better time protecting me and my loved ones from the dreaded dengue plague.

The KONK® I with Air Guard (AG) Timed Release Mister was used mostly in my room and the Man’s study where we spend the most time at.  After knowing that I shouldn’t have placed it on ground level, I placed the device on top of my shelf.  Loved the time-release of the insecticide that was emitted out of the device for I knew that it was giving us the protection that we needed.  You may ask why not put the device in the kitchen instead of my bedroom.  Like I said, we spend a lot of time in our bedroom and in those dark corners of my shelves, I’ve seen mozzies lurking around.  And since KONK® is a natural and not a residual spray, I honestly can’t think of a better way to place this product and have it protect me, the Man plus Sparky – who sleeps us – daily.

What’s worth noting is that the active ingredients in KONK® are pyrethrins.  They are natural insecticides derived from an extract called Pyrethrum from certain chrysanthemum flowers.  Pyrethrins are low in toxicity to mammals and any absorbed into the body can be broken down into inactive forms and excreted quickly.  Again, important for me, for we sleep in the very same room along with this device that helps us chase away pesky visitors (ie: flies, mozzies, roaches, spiders and moths).


The KONK® I HH was certainly put to good use around the house besides having it on hand in our toilet.  Our toilet has the worse case of roaches ever.  I found loads of dead roaches in our cupboards and apparently, the pest control company couldn’t do much about it except lay these poisonous traps for the roaches as bait.  For a while, I was afraid to open my cupboards for I simply couldn’t deal with looking at dead roaches.

So the KONK® I HH was used rather religiously in those dark corners of the cupboards in our toilets.  I really liked that it was natural and didn’t leave that icky oily residue that most commercial insecticides would leave.  The last thing I wanted was dead bodies and having to deal with that horrid clean-up for KONK®’s aerosols contains no CFC’s or substances that deplete the ozone layer.  It’s natural formula degrades safely in soil, air and water.

The KONK® is really effective in attacking insects’ nervous systems.  Direct contact not only quickly ‘knock down’ the insects (may take a while for larger creepy crawlers) but did you also know that KONK® is a deterrent in ‘keeping out’ insects for they can detect when pyrethrins are near by.

I did detect some dead baby roaches around the drainage area when I used the KONK® I HH.  Couple of days later, I don’t see any of those, so I guess this must work! 🙂

Overall, a positive experience in using these products and I recommend you stocking some of these at home to protect your loved ones from pests.  Oh, not to mention, the floral scent emitted from these products is a major plus for me.  I hate those horrid smells from commercial insecticides.

Where can the KONK® range of products be purchased?

If you wish to purchase the products from the KONK® range and help protect your loved ones from dengue, simple swing on by to Our Lifestyle Shop to place your order.

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Disclaimer : lady J’s musings received a KONK® I with Air Guard (AG) Timed Release Mister and a KONK® I Handheld Flying Insect Killer products from Our Lifestyle Shop to test and review.  No monetary rewards were given.  All views expressed are purely of my own.

4 thoughts on “30 days of using KONK®

  1. MissusTay says:

    I was contemplating whether is it too much to get the automated KONK for our bedroom and the handheld one for the garden and kitchen. Now that I’ve read your post, I know I thought right. Heh!

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