Haze 社会


IMG_8807 Woke up to this gloomy view and the most unpleasant smell when we left the house.  Even the drive to work was gloomy.  😦

IMG_8808Didn’t manage to get hod of the super N95 mask so had to make do with this face-mask that can’t really keep out the pollutants.  But well, at lease some kind of protection as I get off the car and run for cover.  The eyes also needed protection so I had to put on my glasses.

IMG_8810This was taken at about 8am in the morning where the PSI reading registered at 158.  This does not look like 158 at all, in fact, it looks more like 250+.

IMG_8811You can’t even see the sun clearly.  😦

IMG_8812And this was taken at about 9.30am at the office.  You can’t even see Marina Bay Sands nor the flyer anymore.  The reading then was 256, which again I’m doubtful for it sure looked closer to almost 400!

Pretty scary huh!

Thankfully, the PSI has dipped slightly and it’s a little more bearable to be outside for now.  Let’s hope it continues to stay this way.



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