KONK® HH: Your second line of protection

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Well, the dengue situation on our little red dot doesn’t seem to be easing up.  The Government has stepped up efforts by sending out more officers to inspect the hot zones as we approach the dengue peak season.  I guess it doesn’t really help that the hot and wet weather speeds up the breeding process of the Aedes mosquito.

I hope that you are doing your best to protect your loved ones from this disease.  We are doing our best to keep our home from dengue risks.  Thanks to a recent sponsorship of the KONK® I with Air Guard (AG) Timed Release Mister, the KONK® HH complements the former product strengthening the protection at our home.


Safe for humans

The KONK® I Hand Held (HH) uses natural pyrethins derived from chrysanthemum flowers, which is lethal to insects but safe for humans.  It’s pleasantly scented and makes it ideal for families with young kids or in my case, pets.  The last thing I want is to be using a product that’s pumping in toxins for Sparky to inhale and putting him in danger.

Lethal to insects, safe for the environment

What I really like about the KONK® I HH is that it is completely safe for the environment and yet deadly to insects.  Hehe, winning combi.  The natural formula leaves no residue on surfaces and degrades safely in soil, air and water.

Putting KONK® HH to work

IMG_8678Well, this is real simple.  All you have to do is simply press the trigger spray.  It’s recommended that for rapid control, spray 2-3 second bursts upwards in a sweeping motion to all parts of the room especially windows and other light sources.  You can also direct mist into areas where insects are present.

For me, I prefer to use this and spray hiding/ dark spaces or corners where insects may be present.


An average of 10 to 12 second ‘burst’ of the mist creates a Pyrethrin level equivalent to the total emitted in 2.5 days of use in the KONK® I automated system.  So for places that may be hard to reach, the KONK® I HH is certainly handy to have around.

Where can KONK® I be purchased?

If you wish to purchase this nifty device that can help protect your loved ones from dengue, simple swing on by to
Our Lifestyle Shop to place your order.  Be sure to check out the other products they have available for sale as well while you are at it.

The KONK® I HH plus the KONK® I with  AG Timed Release Mister device can both be purchased at Our Lifestyle Shop.

Stand to win

Our Lifestyle Shop is giving away a 30-day protect program against dengue to 8 lucky winners.  To win this, simply join their mailing list and who knows you just might be lucky enough to win this prize that will protect your loved ones against dengue.

Closing date is 16 July, so what are you waiting for?

That’s not all, remember to like Our Lifestyle Shop’s Facebook page to find out more about their products and special offers.

Stay tuned for my last blog review where I give my take on these products after testing them out for about 30 days.  Till then, stay safe!


Disclaimer : lady J’s musings received a KONK® I with Air Guard (AG) Timed Release Mister and a KONK® I Handheld Flying Insect Killer products from Our Lifestyle Shop to test and review.  No monetary rewards were given.  All views expressed are purely of my own.

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