Stay home Saturday cook-out

IMG_5789Yet another impromptu stay-home Saturday cook-out.  This time round we decided to step out of our comfort zone and attempt a new meat dish.  So we decided on lamb with some seemingly healthy sides to go along with it.

IMG_5802All it took to whip up this herb-crusted lamb chops was chopped rosemary, garlic blended together with Japanese panko.  The Man slathered the mix on the lamb, pan-fried it a little before popping it into the oven.  The result?  A delicious aroma of fragrant herbs locked in together with the chops.

I was going on a little no-carb trip so for the sides, I decided to make a Cauliflower mash with bacon bits (recipe thanks to M)!  The Man was hesitant about this recipe but after tasting a spoon of the mash, he declared it yummy.  🙂

IMG_5790And this was really simple to make!  All you needed to do was to mash boiled cauliflower, with a tablespoon of sour cream, chopped chives and bacon bits.

IMG_5795Ta-dah!  It’s that easy!!!

IMG_5800I was worried that the Man wouldn’t like the mash so I made a back-up.  Used the remaining half of the cauliflower, tossed them in olive oil, baked them with some chopped garlic.  Once the veggies are ready, I topped some Parmesan cheese on it.  This was also another great side that I will probably make again another time.

IMG_5803Cheers to another great home-cooked meal!  🙂


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