Brunch at Cocotte

A rare occasion where the Man did not plan for golf on a Saturday morning and we took the opportunity to out for brunch.  I had planned to go to Suprette but it was full (no surprises there since we didn’t book way in advance).  So I decided to bring the Man to go check out Cocotte since we managed to score last minute reservations.

IMG_5598I’ve been here before and enjoyed the dishes that we had.  The brunch menu was not extensive but good enough to keep the hunger pangs at bay.

IMG_5599The pear and blue cheese salad is one of my fave salads here so no guesses why this eventually ended up on our table as a starter.

IMG_5602We weren’t quite in the mood for Eggs Benedict so we ordered sunny side-up and bacon with toast.

IMG_5603And Beef Tartare for the sharing.  It’s hard to find a place that makes good beef tartare and this comes pretty close to the ones we’ve been eating in Europe.

Brunch was done in about 40 minutes since we were famished but portions were just right and the ambiance cosy and quiet enough to enjoy this first meal for the day.


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