Checking out: Kilo @ Pact

IMG_6126The Galfren was back in town for a while and had a packed schedule of catching up with family and friends.  Wasn’t sure what her schedule looked like but was glad we managed to squeeze in a late brunch to catch up.  Suggested Kilo at Pact tucked on Level 2 at Orchard Central for I’ve heard pretty decent reviews about the place.

Been to Kilo before with Delly and most of the dishes we ordered were pretty good.  The cafe here serves up a similar menu with some additions that sounded appetizing to warrant a try.

IMG_6120 Raw Seafood Cerviche that had a kick-ass Thai Chilli-Lime dressing!

IMG_6121The Quinoa Fig salad with blue cheese crumble was a salad that I enjoyed.  Friends didn’t think too much of this dish.  Well, what can I say?  Me love blue cheese.  🙂

IMG_6122 I’ve always enjoyed Mentaiko, so was secretly pleased when the friend chose this mail to share.  The pasta tossed with the light yet creamy Mentaiko dressing was simply perfect for the tummy.

IMG_6123And since there was 3 of us and we had a relatively light menu, we decided ‘Yup!  There’s room for dessert!’  So we share the warm chocolate cake with banana ice cream and a portion of lemon tart!

IMG_6124 This time round, the lemon tart tasted far better than the one I had previously.  I wonder why?  Perhaps it was fresh from the oven?

Overall, a nice and cosy place to go hang-out with friends.  Seats fill up fast I hear so to avoid any disappointment, either go on a wet and rainy day (like we did, not by choice) or head early.  🙂


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