A different kind of party @ Anti-Oxidant Centre

I spend my evenings after dinner and before bedtime surfing the www and catching up on blogs – usually those that I read regularly.  Chanced upon Beverly’s post where she shared her recent experience at Anti-Oxidant Spa Centre and I was super envious of how her skin glowed after the Ganban-yoku therapy.  I was like ‘Can it really be?  After 1 session of lying down on an anti-oxidant bed, your skin could reap the benefits of the therapy?

A little skeptical but I’ve always been quite the adventurous sort for giving it a go.  So when Bev extended an invitation for me to join her at a little spa-do that she helped organised on behalf of Anti-Oxidant Spa Centre.  I knew I couldn’t say no to that!  🙂

It was an evening out with the ladies, mostly bloggers and some whom I’ve followed on instagram for a while now. It was pretty cool meeting them in person and making a couple of new friends along the way.

Tucked in Thomson Ridge is the Anti-Oxidant Centre which is Singapore’s only Ganban-yoku (rock bathing) spa outside of Japan.  The Centre aims to provide a sanctuary for the body to rejuvenate itself and give a sense of wellbeing by infusing it with vital antioxidants.

A little about Ganban-yoku spas: they only came into the Japanese spa market in 2001 and became so popular that there are now reported to be more than 4,000 establishments in Japan alone.  At Anti-Oxidant Centre, their anti-oxidant beds offer a place to rejuvenate the body, through the use of anti-oxidant technology to neutralise the effects of free radicals. These anti-oxidant beds consist of carefully treated ceramic tiles which release great amounts of Far Infrared Rays and negative ions which are then absorbed through the skin and the air breathed in.

We were told to bring along our exercise gear for we will try our hand at the Ganban-yoga session.  Well, I thought we were going to just stretch a little at the yoga session and end up lying down for the rest of the session.  Turned out I was wrong, the entire group was enrolled in the Ganban-yoga class.  Yikes, there goes our initial happiness of just lying around not doing anything but the entire group gamely went for the class.

IMG_7653With Ai from SakuraHaruka and Candice from Missus Tay’s Journal

DSC04135(Top L – R: Delphine , D, Chermaine, Ai, Candice)
(Bottom L-R: Janice, Beverly, Me, V)

Okay, a group pic before we go into the Anti-Oxidant room and get all sweaty.  ;p

IMG_7652Each of us were given a bottle of this anti-oxidant water which we were strongly encouraged to finish half the bottle before the session, probably to help replenish the nutrients in our body before the water loss at our work-out session.


And more group shots before the work-out commenced.


Ganban-yoga is a combination of gentle yoga practiced in the special Anti-Oxidant rooms.  We were told that the gentle stretching and basic poses is great for all ages and perfect for beginners (great for some of us).  The 1 hour session that we were part of included stretching and doing basic yoga on the heated Anti-Oxidant stone slabs that radiate far infrared rays and negative ions.

20130426_201759I’ve been practicing yoga on and off but have never done a hot yoga session.  I imagined what this would feel like but I was told this form of yoga is different from hot yoga.

Firstly, at Anti-Oxidant Centre, unlike regular hot yoga rooms, their rooms are kept between 39° to 41° C with the humidity at about 30%, providing for a comfortable temperature that is both safe and enjoyable for people of all ages.

During the yoga session, I did perspire loads and apparently the 45 minute session that we did was equivalent to a 5km run!  Wow!  Didn’t imagine that I could also potentially burn more than 500 calories at the session alone.  Now I will have to go back and do more these ganban-yoga or ganban-yoku sessions to reap the benefits.

What kind of benefits are we talking about here?

The benefits of the Far Infrared Rays and negative ions from the ganban-yoku / ganban-yoga therapy include:

  • Anti-aging
  • Reduced cholesterol levels
  • Improved blood circulation
  • Relief of pain and stiffness caused by rheumatism
  • Increased immune resistance
  • Increased metabolic rates and weight loss
  • Anti-aging of cells and overall body

Pretty amazing huh?

20130426_210059Now, we are talking!  This was what we signed up for.. lying around and sleeping. (Check out the head-stand pose that our yoga teacher did while the rest of us were lying around!)  Hehe… that didn’t last very long, by the way.

IMG_0936Post-session treats included a 5 minute rest in the cooling room followed by 2 glasses of enzyme shots.  We were given the dragonfruit enzyme drink and the mango enzyme drink.   We all loved the mango one loads that we asked for extra shots to quench our thirst.

Thanks again Bev for inviting me to this little party.

And for readers of Lady J’s Musings, if you are interested to try this out, here’s a special offer you don’t want to miss!

Enjoy your first session of the Ganban-Yoku therapy for only S$1o or the Ganban-Yoga Trial at S$20!  This offer is valid for new customers only.  To enjoy this offer, simply mention this blog – Lady J’s Musings: http://www.j0annesim.wordpress.com.

Finally, did you know that it is now possible to enjoy the benefits of Ganban-yoku in the comfort of your own home?  With the newly launched Anti-Oxidant Home Building solution which can easily be mixed into home construction materials during renovations to effectively create an ideal home environment that gives positive health benefits with anti-ageing and beautifying effects.  [We definitely need this for our new home next time!  Anti-ageing and beautifying effects? Wow!]

What’s also interesting about the Anti-Oxidant Home Building system is that it helps removes bad odour from mildew, prevents formation of mould and fungus, and also evicts smells from tobacco and pets.  It also creates an anti-static environment, preventing dust from sticking to floors, walls and ceilings.  These 2 points are important for me as we have Sparky and we tend to be quite particular about his fur and how he smells (so we are obsessive about keeping Sparky clean).

If your home is equipped with this home building solution, you will find that raw food in the room will not decay, spoil or rot, even after 6mths it will continue to stay clean.

IMG_7651Proof that the raw egg did not decompose even after 2.5 months.

Are you thinking if it’s worth even exploring this Anti-Oxidant Home Building solution for your new home or room?  Rest assured for this is a Japanese-based technology product with more than 10 years of product testing.  So while it is new in Singapore, this product was in existence nearly a decade ago.

Interested to find out more?  Readers of Lady J’s Musings will enjoy a 10% discount on this Anti-oxidant Home Building system and also receive a 3-months money back guarantee, that all treated rooms will prevent raw food from spoiling.

And if you are wondering if my skin had that glowing effect that Bev had?  It kinda did! 🙂 [Pardon the dark eye-bags.]  The effects were wearing out as I took this about 45 minutes after the session but you could see a slight tint of rosiness on my cheeks.  Hehe..


That’s all I have for you today.  The ladies went back for another Ganban-Yoku therapy session recently which I wasn’t able to make it.  Hopefully, will be able to make it for the next session of chilling and more girlie talk.

Special thanks also go out to Cherm, Candice and D for taking the group shots and sharing them.  🙂

Anti-Oxidant Centre Pte Ltd
Address: 1 Thomson Ridge, Singapore 574633
Telephone: 6756 0636


Disclaimer : lady J’s musings went for a complimentary Ganban-Yoga session at the Anti-oxidant Centre. No monetary rewards were given. All views expressed are purely of my own with additional product information provided by the Anti-oxidant Centre.

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