Beach Break

One of our new year’s resolutions included taking more beach holidays around the region and it was a toss between Danang or Bali.  And we went with the latter because it’s been such a long time since we were there.  Think the last time we visited Bali was about 6 years ago.  Wow!  Has it been that long?

IMG_7543Deciding on a hotel to stay was also tough for I wasn’t too familiar with Bali anymore.  We knew what we wanted, a nice resort with a private pool for us to just sunbathe and chill the entire day if the weather was kind enough for us.  Narrowing down to a couple of nice resorts was a toughie for me.  Remember, not a stellar track record when it comes to booking of hotels?  Well, in the end, I decided to book us in a for a weekend retreat/stay at Uma Ubud.

I’ve long been a fan of hotels under the Como Group (actually, more of a sucker for the range of shower gels and lotions under the Como Shambhala range – they are seriously da best!).  The Ultimate Ubud Spa Retreat package sounded like quite a treat for the soul and those complimentary massages/ yoga classes sounded like quite a fun thing to do apart from lounging by the pool, so Uma Ubud it was!

IMG_7574While we weren’t quite expecting a swanky new resort, the Man felt that the hardware of the resort was a little rundown.  But having said that, the ‘software’ is actually pretty commendable.  The staff were real warm and friendly.  They greeted us by our names and ensured that our requests were fulfilled.  When we found out that the roof was leaking (and damaged my Balenciaga bag in the process – sigh!), they sent someone into our room when we were out for dinner to fix the problem.

IMG_7563Did I not mention that the massages at the Como Shambhala Spa were so good!  The Man and I felt all relaxed having indulged in daily massages coupled with complimentary yoga sessions.  I finally felt a little more flexible, arm muscles a little more defined now.  All I need to do now is to lose more of my muffin top 😦

IMG_7599But it was hard when we ate pretty darn well.  Again I had to stop myself from over-eating so those yoga classes really did make me feel better.

Will be sharing some of the eats that we managed to discover on this trip, so stay tuned.  As for me, I’m already dreaming of our next beach destination.  Where next?  Hmmm….


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